Author Events-Email to Schedule a Signing


Macdonald Book Shop wants to support local authors with book signing events. When weather permits, all signings will be held outside in our courtyard located between the book shop & Inkwell and Brew. We have fire pits in the area & some seating. It’s possible that we can make available a tent in case of inclement weather or reschedule the event. It will be your responsibility to set up for your event & clean up afterward. We will supply a table and chair for your use during the event.

Macdonald Book Shop will publicize your signing with at least one social media post. It’s encouraged for you to also promote your event through channels you choose. Macdonald Book Shop will sell copies of your book on a consignment basis, and it is your responsibility to get signed copies of the book to the store & to pick up copies that did not sell. Macdonald Book Shop will sell the books for two weeks on consignment.


Please email us with 2 calendar dates, preferably Fridays, as those are our busiest store days in summer. In winter, email us with an available Saturday date. Please, also include a time for the event; we have found 1 pm to 3 pm is best but are open to your needs. Once you have emailed us, we will notify you if the scheduled dates are available within 48 business hours. You must follow our instructions so that we may get your event scheduled. We will use at least 1 social media outlet to publicize your event. 


We may not get back to you if you do not include specific calendar dates and a time for your event. Starting in 2022, we ask that all authors contact us between September 15th and May 1st for author events. We will no longer take requests, if the email is sent during our busy summer season. We do not take walk-in request or phone calls.


Thank You.

Local Author & Independently Published Book Program

Congratulations on finishing your book!


Now, you’re hoping that we will stock your book, right? Okay, so here is what we’ve come up with as a way to streamline the process. As you can imagine, we are bombarded with requests to carry books from local and independently published authors. All the publishing companies meet with us monthly about titles we should accept (roughly 6,000 titles to sift through every few months). Unfortunately, our small bookshop has limited space, so we must choose wisely with our inventory dollars.

We are closed to author inquiries between May 1st and September 15th. However, if you want consideration, please email after September 15th and before May 1st. Please read the following carefully:


Are you a local author? Is your book specifically about RMNP or Estes Park?


By local, we mean someone who resides in the Estes Valley for at least 4 months of the year.


If Yes…


Please send us your elevator pitch in an email. Once you have emailed your pitch, which needs to include your name, a little blurb about your book, and whether you are local or not, please drop off or mail us 1 copy of your book, and we will give it a try our local section. We will need an invoice for 1 copy at 50% off the list price, dated Net90 terms. Email the invoice via our contact form or to

Within a month, you will need to reach out via email to see what we have decided to stock your book. After that, you will be responsible for marketing your book and helping us keep tabs on inventory.


We’d like to share two stories about New York Bestselling Authors who have visited our store:


  1. One author brought us pies and offered to sign any books we might happen to have in store (only after her daughter told us who she was). They also spent a week in town at both of our stores, without mentioning the author’s status.
  2. A very local author who won an award and is on the NYT bestseller list came in, didn’t even mention who he was, and then created a social media post about how fantastic a store we have.


These authors spent time in our shop and made no fuss over whether we carried their books or where those books were on the shelves. We want to support you and have developed the process outlined above and below to help support independent authors. We recognize you have invested in your book; however, please do not complain or suggest where we should put your book in our store. We are small, and as such, we give precedence to the books our customers desire.


If No…


Please leave a copy of your book, the elevator pitch filled out, and whether you need your copy returned should we decide not to carry it. Then, in one month, please reach out via email for a status update.


Walk-in appointments and unscheduled phone calls will NOT be accepted. We have set up these protocols to ensure you receive time and consideration. However, please be aware that we are busy in summer and do not always have time for author inquiries.