For Authors

Author Events-Email to Schedule a Signing

Macdonald Book Shop wants to support local authors with book signing events.

Starting in 2022, we will host author signings on Friday Afternoons, only, between 1 and 3 pm. Please use your social media outlets to publicize the signing. We have found those who have a short speech prepared and handouts do better. We will promote your event on our website, Visit Estes Park’s website, and 1 social media outlet.

Please contact us between October and April for event signings or book considerations. Email us with 2 Friday selections between May and September. Within 48 hours, we will get back to you on the availability of your choices and set the date.

You must follow our instructions regarding event scheduling, or you may not hear back from us.

We may not get back to you if you do not include 2 Friday calendar dates. We will not entertain any requests to carry your book or hold an event outside of those months. The summer season is too busy. We do not take walk-in requests or phone calls.

Thank You.

Author Requests – Email to Request Our Attention

Congratulations on completing your book. We know how hard it is to publish a book and promote it. 

Unfortunately, not all books get the credit they deserve. We want to help local authors showcase their talents. With limited space, we have decided to entertain requests from authors who contact us by email, during the months of October through April. 

If you contact us at any other time of the year, we will not be able to respond due to the holiday and summer seasons. 

We are often inundated with phone calls and emails by authors wanting to tell us about their books and to help limit these requests, we have come up with a protocol. Please make sure you follow this procedure, if you wish to hear back from us.

Step 1: Are you local or does your book prominently feature Estes Park? This means you spend at least six months in Estes Park each year. If your book is about Estes Park history, families, or set in Estes Park, then it prominently features Estes Park. 

Step 2: If yes, please email us your query letter, with a picture of your book, author bio, and tagline. Think of this as you would a publisher query letter–you want us to stock your book, so tell us why we should. 

Step 3: Wait to hear back from us, within 48-business hours. We will let you know via email if we are interested in carrying your book and the consignment process. 

If you are not local and your book has nothing to do with Estes Park or the surrounding landscape, we are sorry but our space is limited and we truly want to feature local authors and their work. 

We will NOT accept in-store visits, mailed copies, or phone calls about your book. Emailing us is the first step to see if we are interested and on a person to person basis we will let you know if we want copies of your book. We have not included our mailing address on this website, so do not attempt to send USPS mailings to us.


Thank You, we truly look forward to supporting local Estes Park authors.