How to Shop with Us

You can support us four ways:

In-store – we are open daily and happy to provide curbside options.

 We launched the “Macdonald Personal Shopper Experience.” This experience allows you to visit our store and have a hands on interaction with one of our staff members. We will help you learn about new titles, great reads, and pick out new books. Any purchases made the day you have your private shopping experience will receive 10% off. 

Direct-to-home shipping from our distributor enables us to get the book you need sent directly to your home.

Call or email us with a book title and we can have it shipped to you. We will process any direct-to-home special order Monday through Friday to ensure you receive the book quickly. is another way to fulfill your immediate needs. is your gateway for supporting Macdonald Book Shop online. gives Indie stores 30% of the sale when you choose to support a specific location and all affiliates receive 10% of their sales. Ebook options are also available through the Hummingbird app.

Hummingbird is another way to support us via eBooks. Download the hummingbird app to read any available title on the eBook platform.

Audiobooks has audio books. If you are a more of a listener than a reader, then is your best option to support Macdonald Book Shop and listen to your favorite books. You can also gift audiobooks to people who love to listen to books. Start an account, select the gift option and go through the steps to send a book to a friend or family member. 

With, you choose to pay a monthly fee and earn 1 credit per month for a free audiobook or buy books as you need them. Simply choose a book, buy it, download it, and start listening today.