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100 Things to do in Fort Collins Before You Die

Deborah Bouziden has created a full book of things to do in Fort Collins. A larger city, near Rocky Mountain National Park, Fort Collins, Colorado is known as a college town with plenty of history. Visitors can learn about ghosts, underground tunnels, and other secret locations when they pick up a copy of Bouziden’s work.

Deborah Bouziden Book Signing

Discover what Deborah Bouziden already knows about Fort Collins, Colorado. As a CO author, Deborah has researched her home city to help all of us discover the hidden entertainments. Deborah will be in Estes Park, CO for a book signing on July 16, 2021 between 1 pm and 3 pm. Visit the courtyard between Inkwell and Brew and our shop to get your signed copy of this book. 

About the Book

Abandoned tunnels under Fort Collins? A ghost haunting an ice cream store? Rides through town in a streetcar? You betcha. Fort Collins is a gold mine if you’re looking for adventure. And 100 Things to Do in Fort Collins Before You Die is chock-full of fun-filled escapades to inspire your trip with tips for restaurants that will satisfy any palate, details about access to outdoor playgrounds, plus advice on cultural places and events that you will remember for a lifetime.