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Estes Park and RMNP Facts

  • Established in 1917
  • Rocky Mountain National Park founded in 1915
  • Enos Mills, a well-known local conservationist still have family in town.
  • McGregor Ranch is the second oldest ranch in Estes (circa 1896)
  • McGraw Ranch established in 1884 as a homestead is the first ranch

Hiking Guides and History

Macdonald Book Shop offers numerous guides to Rocky Mountain National Park hiking trails and local history books for more Estes Park and RMNP facts. 

See the local website for more information about Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Rocky Mountain National Park instituted a reservation requirement during covid. It will continue in the coming years. To enter the park during summer months you will need a Timed Entry Permit.

Follow the YouTube link to learn more about time entry.

Estes Valley Library offers plenty of good reads. We love working with the library on book signings and events that help support the community. Always check our event page for any author signings that may be hosted with Estes Valley Library. The Friends of the Library operates the Cliffhanger Book Shop, located next to the Post Office. If we don’t have an older title in stock, you might want to check with Cliffhanger. They offer a variety of used books.